Our investment focus is predominately in preclinical and early clinical-stage companies in China, with the objective of maturing the product or technology for commercialization. Once invested, we take an active role in guiding the growth of the company as we believe it is critical to be value-added investors. We are dedicated to creating trust in our business relationships and to establishing long-term partnerships. Our strategy combines prudent investment decisions, with active management and long-term commitment to ensure the highest rate of return.

Our priority is providing full support to entrepreneurs to the best of our capabilities. We shape our role based on each individual company’s needs and managing a great exit. Providing seed and early-stage funding, strategic, operational, financial, technical and regulatory expertise where needed. We also bring insights and advantages from our extensive network of relationships. For instance, network access to internal experts who can provide counsel across a broad spectrum of areas, including technical, scientific, clinical and regulatory. 

When considering potential investment opportunities, there are several significant characteristics we look for in companies. Specifically, companies developing innovative proprietary technology and products that addresses unmet medical needs. Outstanding and honest management teams with the drive to succeed and can navigate through the toughest moments. Identifying ventures with strong potential for growth, minimal risk and commercialization.